We believe a beautiful home should be accessible for everyone and sustainable for our planet. Our goal is to keep great furniture out of landfills and in our homes for as long as possible.

According to the EPA, a vast portion of our furniture output (33 billion pounds) is wasted away in landfills every year. By doing all of the heavy lifting, we aim to build a shared economy system that saves money, enriches lives and diverts furniture waste away from landfills.



The Furnishare Economy

At Furnishare, we make the process of obtaining and getting rid of furniture easier than ever before by doing the work for you. We pick up, store, inspect, clean and deliver every piece of furniture we receive. By doing the heavy lifting, we aim to create a furniture-as-a-service experience that is effortless and sustainable.

Moving? Let Us Help.

Moving to a new apartment, office or dorm? Use Furnishare to furnish your new space. We will deliver to your address and set up. With our curated brands, huge discounts and fast delivery service, you don’t need to break your back or your budget when furnishing a new space.

Extra Furniture? Get Paid.

With Furnishare, you keep full control of your schedule and costs when moving or replacing your old furniture. Just tell us when to pick up your stuff and we’ll be there. That’s it. No need to manage buyers, wait for a sale, pay movers or worse, throw away a perfectly good piece of furniture. Just sit back and let us monetize your stuff for you.

Positive Environmental Impact

With every piece of furniture you purchase or provide, you are helping make a beautiful home an abundance while saving our planet’s precious resources. Let us do the hard work and divert landfill waste while you keep your peace of mind and money.